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Greetings, retailer!

We’d like to introduce ourselves : We are DUST USA, the exclusive distributor for Paolo Parente’s Dust 1947, the Panzerpunk miniature game, celebrating more than 10 years of fun.

Dust Studio launched DUST USA, a sister company, to facilitate purchasing our products.

For those of you familiar with Dust 1947, we invite you to read through our website to see our latest releases and items available to your store. We’ve updated our site to include a retailer section, to get everything you need, from terms to downloadable assets, to help you succeed.

For those who are new to Dust 1947, welcome to a game set in a Weird World War universe where blocs and factions are facing each other as WWII never ended but technology leaped forward with the help of an extraterrestrial discovery. It’s a world of combat walkers, lasers, phasers, tesla weapons, intelligent gorillas, zombies, and more!

The game is great for all ages and offers a multi-layer rule system that can range from family game night to all day campaign-style events.

What makes Dust 1947 different is that no miniature is ever made obsolete in the game as the sales scheme is not based on “power creep”. Quarterly releases renew the excitement of building your army and the rulebook and cards to play the game are always available, for free download for gamers on a budget, and for sale for those who love the feel of paper and cardboard. 

In addition, our brand new Dust ENLIST app, available for free on Android and iOS allows gamers to build their lists for your next event and share them with your community. It doubles as a collection manager and an always up-to-date catalog that they can leaf through to plan their next order to your shop.

Our pledge to your game store is :

  • Make the products available at all time. Our delivery schedule is fast and reliable.

  • Make the products affordable. We have an increasing discount policy and no minimum quantity.

  • Product swap. We want you to succeed and give the feeling of success to your customers. We can arrange product replacement of equal value after 6 months of them sitting on your shelves. You just pay for shipping back the products to us, we ship the replacement for free.

  • We never discount our products. We aim to prevent the damage caused by excessive discounting, may it be on our web store or from an online independent retailer. As we are the only distributor for Dust 1947,  you will not be competing with the major online discounters.

  • Area control. We guarantee an exclusivity in the area of the shops we work with, as they guarantee supporting our organized play and regular purchases.

Our terms are simple :

- No minimum order. Free shipping (from Ohio) when you order $600.00 (MSRP) or more.

- Primed Product Discount structure : The base discount is 40% on every “Primed” product. If you place an order for $1500 (MSRP) of “Primed” products, you get an additional 5%. If your order of “Primed” products reaches $2,000.00 (MSRP), you get an additional 5%. The cumulative discount you can get is up to 50%, with free shipping. 

- The discount on “Premium” products is 20% and cannot be increased in any way.

- We have a minimum price policy : You cannot discount our products on a regular basis more than 10% off the MSRP. The violation of this condition would prevent us from delivering any more products to you and your store(s).

Please feel free to view items at To view a current price list of our products contact us here at or +1 (419) 619-6955 and we will give you the password to the exclusive retailer section of the website.

We look forward to working with you!

– Greg Boisbelaud - Owner and General Manager.