Story time with Uncle Ray - Episode 4: Von Stein Platoon, 100 points!

Welcome back Fellow DUSTers,

Now that you have experienced a game or two at 75 points and with the Faction bonus, it’s time to take it to the level of a standard event sized force.  The Magic 100 Army Points.

Kampfgruppe von Stein has shown it is a threat to be taken seriously. One of the things your force is missing is some command elements to keep things running well

Let’s Face it, Sigrid may be in charge but she often forgets to let others do the work.  It’s time to change that!

May I introduce the Laser Grenadier Command Squad?

Available in the Blutkreuz Korps Headquarters (AX205).

Available in the Blutkreuz Korps Headquarters (AX205).

At 8 Army Points it is comparable in cost to your other Grenadier squads but what is does is very different: it gives you the options for Special Actions with its Officer, Mechanic, and Medic.

This can allow you to Reactivate your non-Zombie units, Heal your non Zombie units, or Repair damage to your vehicles.

For most of these actions you will need to be at Range 2 or less of the unit you wish to effect, but as long as your radio operator is part of the squad you can re-activate an eligible non Zombie unit anywhere on the board!

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 3.51.53 PM.png

Did your Wotan II not quite put down your opponent’s big vehicle (or perhaps they have more than one), Do you need to take an objective now that one of your squads has cleared it of pesky enemies?

Or maybe you just need to have the Heavy Grenadier Laser Tank Hunter unit get to a better position for next turn.  The possibilities are endless as the battlefield changes every turn.

Just remember that their Special Command actions cannot target the Zombie units in your force.

On the non-Special Action side of the coin, this unit is a bit heavier than the rest of your squads, with an Armor of 2.  This means you can attach Sigrid to it.  

Their movement is the very standard Move 2, March move 4, and by now you know how to use that on most battlefields.

For combat purposes you have that favored special weapon of the Axis, the Laser.

In this case you have 2 different versions, the Laser Gun that is the heavy weapon of the squad with a range of 6, and 2 Laser Rifles with range 4.  The remaining squad members are armed with always reliable Assault Rifles with a range of 4.

The Laser Gun is capable of damaging infantry of all types and vehicles up to 4.  Not bad for a weapon that might get some extra hits in due to the Laser Special Ability.

The Laser Rifles are better against most infantry but weaker against vehicles, they get more dice against infantry than the heavy gun but can only effect vehicles up to 6.

The Assault Rifles are better against infantry, can target aircraft, but will not be effective against most vehicles.

Adding Sigrid to the squad expands your options and also makes both units able to stay in play longer to address your needs, as the tactical situation changes.


Now I know what you are thinking, “Wow, that’s a pretty good addition, but it isn’t the kind of unit my Platoon theme needs to terrify the enemy”.

That’s true, the core theme of this force is the terror of Zombie troops among the living.

However, what could be more terrifying than Zombies?

How about Mindless Zombies that just keep coming back!

Let me introduce you to the final Zombie Squad available to the Blutkreuz: The Zombie Squad (Sic!)

AX230. Available with two sets of heads.

AX230. Available with two sets of heads.

At 5 Army Points it’s the lowest cost Squad in the Blutkreuz. The other thing to notice right off is the Special Ability “Mindless”: Can be led by the Blutkreuz, cannot take objectives. Immune to Suppression. Applies to Unit joined.

This means you will not be using them to take key objectives; this may seem like a problem but fear not. It also means they are unstoppable.  They will always have 2 actions per turn.  

As you might already have figured out they also have the Zombie Special Ability, thus fitting in just right for your platoon ability.

On the movement side they are slower than most of your force, Move 2 is normal for Axis but a March Move of 3 is sad proof that they are mindless and don’t understand moving faster than their normal shamble.

For combat purposes they are all about Close Assault (after all would you waste a rifle on a mindless zombie).  At full strength they are capable of wiping out most squads (even if that squad has a hero), against vehicles it gets even better, since they can do as much as 20 points of damage against even an Amor 7!

Remember, every time they attack something in Close Assault your platoon advantage comes in to play.

The Special Infantry Save given to them from the Zombie Special Ability makes their chances of getting in to that Close Assault good, regardless of terrain density and cover.

And what’s more fun than a Squad of Mindless Zombies? TWO Squads of Mindless Zombies!! That’s what!

This gives you a chance to instill even more fear in to your opponent and also more options to decide where to do it. This is 10 Army Points well spent, though there seems like something is missing.  After all I did mention them coming back….

Friends, it’s time for Uncle Ray to introduce the gal of your nightmares: Totenmeister [Blutkreuz Korps Experiment no. 10].

Your worst nightmare or your best friend depending on your side of the battle…

Your worst nightmare or your best friend depending on your side of the battle…

For 9 points she can really make your Mindless Zombies the terror of any match

She brings the following Special Abilities to your force:

  • Blutkreuz: All Mindless Zombie Units within range 1 at the start of their activation increase their move to 3, their march move to 4, and gain charge.  Well now, your Zombie Squads are now up to speed with the rest of your force and can go straight to tearing things apart as soon as they can reach them!

And now for the real fun…

  • Resurrection: May take a Resurrection action on a Mindless Zombie Unit within range 1.  Unit rolls a die for each zombie eliminated from the unit.  Each {Faction Symbol} returns one zombie to the unit.

So once she has led her charges to the enemy Ms. Totenmeister can try to make sure they can stay and play all day long.

  • Charge: May take a free attack action using Close-Combat weapons after performing a March Move action.  Applies to units joined.  This way she can always be where she needs to be.

  • Zombie: Zombies always pas infantry saves on [Shield] as well as [Faction].  Only a Zombie may join Zombies.  I am sure you have already figured out by now that placing her in a squad of Mindless Zombies is the perfect fit.

Her standard Move 3, March Move 4 will keep her in line with her mindless minions.

For her own close combat option she has the Blutkreuz itself, rolling 4 dice for 1 damage each, to any Infantry or Vehicle target regardless of armor level.  The perfect addition to your Kampfgruppe von Stein Platoon.

These additions also end the question of what to do with Frank, attach him to the 2nd Zombie Squad and let them go have a merry time.  Just remember to keep the Totenmeister close, she can keep them moving fast and even put them back in to play.  This way Frank can stay at higher health in case there are any pesky sniper units on the table.

Your full army is now 99 points base and 8 points of Faction bonus.

You have at your disposal;

Our Platoon Hero, Frank Von Stein

The Leader of the Blutkreuz, Sigrid

The Mysterious, Totenmeister

And the stepchild of the Blutkreuz, Grenadier X

For Infantry you have;

3 Ranged Combat Squads 

3 Close Combat Squads

For your Vehicles you have;

1 Anti-Aircraft Walker

1 Medium Anti-Tank Walker

You will be activating 8 Units a turn and possibly reactivating one of them with your Officer.

Your ranged combat is capable of touching the enemy from 10 severely threatening them at 8 and bringing the majority of guns to bear at 6.

For close combat only an opponent with First Strike will want you to get anywhere near them.  This combined with the Platoon ability, will definitely give you the tactical advantage.  Causing your opponent to be more critical than usual, in how they place their units.  Anything within range 4 and you can charge right up and attack, anything farther than that and many of their weapons will not be as effective.

If you wish to expand your Blutkreuz collection beyond this 100 point force, you now have the kernel to other Blutkreuz themed platoons, such as the Zombie Schwarm (you will need 4 more Zombie Squads) or the Blutkreuz Korps (you will need Laser Squads and Heavy Laser Squads) 

So let’s hear about your games using this sample army as well as your ideas for what to try next.

Until next time kids, when we will look at some sneaky Commandos from the coldest part of the world!