The Gridded mats: Play in the Length or play in the Width?

You’re in your favorite gaming store, your gaming club or your dining room and you’re setting up your first game of DUST.

You have decided to go “simple” and forfeit the choice of a scenario because you just want to wreck stuff with your giant railguns or recoilless rifles.

Dust 1947 is a game that relies on scenarios, which means that the game books, our online newsletter and this very website all provide multiple scenarios for you to vary your games. Most of the time, the scenario will tell you how to set up your table and where the entry points are.

During a free game, since you chose to not yield to the contraints of a scenario, you have to decide with your opponent how your troops are going to enter the table : on the short sides or the long sides?

Playing in the width during a starter set game is the best way to show how fast paced and balanced the game is.

Playing in the width during a starter set game is the best way to show how fast paced and balanced the game is.

From this decision, your game will differ heavily. If you line up the two mats on their long side, your table is now 12x9 squares. It’s not rocket science to know that a longer table will give a certain advantage to longer range weapons against melee troops, even the fastest ones.

Your zombies with Totenmeister will take either 3 full rounds to get on the other side of the table without any obstacle to slow them down. That can make the difference between life and death of the unit and put a serious dampening on their efficiency. Even your super fast Heavy Ranger Assault Squads will need two activations to get on the opposite side of the table and might risk losing a significant portions of their threat value by getting shot in the interval.

Grrr… Arrrgh!

On the opposite, shorter tables will allow melee weapons to shine faster and sooner and be a present and real danger to the enemy. Of course, long range weapons will still have some “game” but the shooting range becomes suddenly very crowded with a lot of angry targets and your Range 16 RSO/Pak 40 will feel a little less safe in the far corner of your deployment zone.

Don’t despair, you have solutions in every case. Either make a very versatile army that can face it all, or discuss with your opponent the way you’re going to play to avoid frustrating moments with your army selection. And of course, vary the scenarios for every game!

Dust 1947 is all about fun for everyone!