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Germany perseveres in the war, four years after purging the Nazi’s leadership and hateful ideology. Their generals are steadfast in agreement that only Germany’s superior engineering and technology can unite the world in advance of the return of the VK UFOs.

Bolstered by the paratroopers and rocketeers of the Luftwaffe, the mad-science zombie troops and battle apes of the Blutkreuz, and the new Afrika Corps (NDAK), the Axis seeks to extinguish all opposition.du



Only a united command of UK, US, and French forces, along with former colonies, can halt the Axis advance. Italy has been liberated, but London has fallen. ASOCOM, the Allied Special Operations Command, operates safely out of Kansas, far from enemy super weapons. Most units have shed national identity in a desperate merger, save for US Marine Corps, the French Foreign Legion, and a handful of others. 

Detroit and Montreal throw machine after machine at the war on all fronts, but the lines of battle ebb and flow without decisive victory.


The SSU (Sino-Soviet Union):

The opportunity for global revolution is at hand, and the union of Russia, China, and controlled territories seize their chance. 

As democracies and dictatorships alike fall in South America, SSU Smersh troops arrive to fill the void. While Red Guard and People’s Liberation Army units make inroads to North America through Alaska and Florida, they have the Allies on the defensive - yet the Axis supremacy in North Africa makes a foothold impossible. Still, the struggle for liberation – and coveted VK mineral assets - endures.



As women stepped into non-traditional roles early in the war, its endurance places them ever farther onto the front line. Based out of the remaining handful of neutral countries, female soldiers-of-fortune began as mechanics and support units, but quickly found themselves with greater risks – and greater rewards.  

With their superior skills at fixing anything, anywhere, mercenaries field entire armies out of scrap and captured vehicles from around the globe.


Imperial Japanese Navy:

Driven to the Axis in 1945 by the threat of an Allied VK-bomb, Japan has been dominated by its Army and their favour with the Emperor. No longer. Even as the Army holds Manchuria for the Axis, the Imperial Japanese Navy has taken control of the entire Western Pacific, cutting a swath through Australia. IJN scientists have made breakthroughs in the application of VK technology undreamt of in Berlin, and now addresses the war on its own terms.



The war of humanity and territory is meaningless to these patient worshippers of the ancient, eldritch beings slumbering beneath the earth. Now awakening, unimaginable horrors appear across the globe, dispassionately observing, accepting sacrifice of lives and sanity. They too prepare for the return of their eternal enemy - the Vrill UFOs.


Roll for initiative!

From the VK mines of Antarctica to the SSU stronghold of Zverograd, the desert sands of North Africa or the Florida Everglades, humanity finds itself more than ever in need of heroes undaunted by risk and danger.