What if World War II was WEIRD?


How weird?

Aliens weird!

Zombies Weird!

Cultists-summoning-monsters weird!

Stir it all into a pot and add a dash of futuristic weaponry. Welcome to the world of DUST 1947!

Dust 1947:  Pulp Sci-Fi Dieselpunk
Weird War II

It’s 1947, and four years after Hitler’s assassination by his own forces in 1943, the War still rages on - powered by technology recovered from a crashed UFO discovered in Antarctica. Alien VK tech allows for walking tanks, a zombie-resurrection serum, uplifted battle-apes, lasers, phasers, and jetpacks. The forces which secure the most VK will finally end the war, victorious and unstoppable.

Extraordinary Vehicles,
Two-Fisted Heroes!

Dust 1947 is a fast-paced, easy to learn (and teach) turn-based tactical miniatures game, with incredibly detailed models of weapons and heroes, vehicles and terrain. Each unit is accompanied by a stats card detailing range, movement, flexibility, and impact on different classes of armoured opponent. Your talent as a commander combines with the luck of the dice to determine victory for some – and a tactical retreat for others. 

Download the core rulebook for free, right now, to get started. You can also learn more about the World of Dust 1947 here.

Sign up online and register your wins and losses to see faction territory expand and contract month by month – the outcome of your gaming table determines much of the future history of world of Dust!

Download our free app DUST 1947 ENLIST for iOS and Android. Acting as an Army building tool and a collection manager, this app will allow you to prepare your army lists while consulting the complete platoons and skills of your army.

Your partner in all of this is Dust USA (Grégoire and Alicia) in Ohio. For helping organize events or hooking up your Friendly Local Gaming Store, we’re here to answer questions, make things easier, and get you to the battlefield.


1. get started!


Pick your faction, and begin your adventures with a Starter Set! Everything you need including rules, 12 dice, terrain, troops, and a vehicle.

2. get serious!


Expand your forces with an Army Box for a more flexible and versatile battleground.

3. unstoppable!


Add individual Unit Boxes to adjust to terrain and specific challenges. More heavy armour or air support. Anti-tank units, snipers, or other specialized forces.