Story time with Uncle Ray - episode 3: Blutkreuz at 75 points

Hopefully you have had the chance to play a few games at the 50 point level and enjoyed the benefits of the Blutkreuz Kampfgruppe Von Stein’s Platoon.

By now we know that the force is capable of threatening most enemy units, while also good for taking objectives and holding them.


But, I hear a voice in the back say “My opponent is bringing in the big guns!”

Well not to worry, this installment sees the introduction of a solid Walker for your force, armed with the popular Blutkreuz theme “More Lasers!!”

So as we move to the 75 point range it’s time for the Wotan II BK.

In the Army box (AX009), you get the Wotan II. In the Unit box (AX238), you get the Wotan II / AR II / Flammluther II.

In the Army box (AX009), you get the Wotan II. In the Unit box (AX238), you get the Wotan II / AR II / Flammluther II.

The first thing to notice about this Panzerkampflaufer is the Armor type of 5.

For many Anti-Armor weapons this is where they really start to reduce in dice rolled and potential damage inflicted, and for some this is where they stop being effective at all

7 Health means it will also be in the game a bit longer unless targeted by a dedicated tank hunter Unit

With Speed of Move 2 March Move 4 it is in line with all of your units and most medium/heavy walkers

But then comes the fun of the Blutkreuz weapons designers, the Dual Laser

Rolling as many as 7 Dice against an Armor 7 Vehicle this walker has the ability to put anything not flying on notice.  The Damage of 1 per hit may at first seem light; this is not the case however when you take in to account the Laser Special Weapons rules.


Laser: For each hit, roll again scoring another hit on a Faction Symbol. Keep Rolling until you fail to hit. When a Laser Weapon makes a Sustained Attack, re-roll any misses as usual for the initial roll only, not for Additional rolls gained through the Laser special rule. The overall damage potential of this unit is quite large.

Add in a Range of 16, and depending on terrain density and placement you will be a threat over most of the board.

In support you also have two standard Machineguns with range 6, one of which is capable of targeting aircraft

Their range will help against infantry targets and very light vehicles, in most cases matching or exceeding the ranges of those units

Rulebook page 38. Free download on this website!

Rulebook page 38. Free download on this website!

Now at 22 points you may be thinking “But I have 3 points I am wasting.

That is not the case.

In my last article I brought in the concept of the Platoon Advantage.  In this one we will be adding in the “Faction Bonus”

Your force is considered a Faction force when;

At least 75% of the army points are spent on Units from a specific Faction

The rest can be Bloc Units, Mercenary Units, or Captured Vehicle(s)

There are no Units from another Faction in your Force

If these two conditions are met, you may spend an additional 10% of the basic army point total of your force on Heroes of the Faction or Bloc you’re fielding.

So with this in mind, there is now a possible 10 Army Points of Heroes that can be added

Let’s use 8 of those Army Points to add the leader of the Blutkreuz, Sigrid II

Blutkreuz HQ Box (AX205) Bottom right corner. Armed to the teeth and with some serious anger management issues!

Blutkreuz HQ Box (AX205) Bottom right corner. Armed to the teeth and with some serious anger management issues!

Sigrid II is a bag of Dirty Tricks and is also capable of taking on any opponent.

Her Speed is the standard Axis Move 2, March Move 4, so nothing different than the rest of your force, her health is also fairly standard at 4.

But then things get interesting.

She is armed with three weapons.

Her Anti-Vehicle weapon of choice is a Panzerfaust 100, and in the heroic style it is not a limited ammo weapon.  Against Medium and Light vehicles it can usually destroy the target if it hits.  Against Infantry, the more populated the target space the more damage it can inflict, (especially with the Grenade ability removing any cover save).

With Range 3 it is standard for Infantry carried Anti-Vehicle weaponry, but Sigrid likes to get close and study her victi.. I mean opponents!

Her standard all-purpose weapon is a Laser Pistol.

Also Range 3 it is capable of harming Infantry as well as Light or medium Vehicles, and even aircraft!

With the Laser Attribute, any Die that hits has a chance to become more hits.  Always something helpful to have at your disposal.

Next she has a close combat weapon in Dual Knives. With Expert: Dual Knives and Berserk, it is pretty clear Sigrid does not mind getting her hands dirty.

She will usually hit and then have the chance to roll more dice.  Always remember her extra chance to hit with Expert, only applies to the initial roll (and reroll if sustained Close Assault has been chosen).

This is followed by the Assassin Skill which lets her decide where any hits with Close Combat weapons will go.

Need to injure an opposing hero attached to a squad? Is there a particular weapon in an opposing Unit giving your troops trouble? Sigrid knows how to take care of her boys and monsters.

As with most Blutkreuz Heroes, Sigrid is big on leading from the front. Her Infantry 2 means she cannot be joined with any of the units currently in the force. So use her to be at key points or to jump in when an enemy hero is low on health or a particular unit is posing a major threat. As a Unit to take and hold objectives, Sigrid II will make your opponent think about getting in range of her since she is a threat to anything they might bring to contest it.


If you and your opponent are not ready to try Faction bonus in your games yet, your other option is to upgrade the Wotan II (BK) to a Wotan II AR (BK).

For 2 AP your Wotan gains an additional Health point.  This allows you to make bold choices with it, or have it able to absorb more damage when used in a support role.

That’s it for now, time to take the field and try out the new upgrades to Kampfgruppe von Stein.

Until next time remember, audentes fortuna iuvat!

Raymond Rappaport.