How to start with DUST 1947: A Beginner’s guide.

On a sunny afternoon, you went to your favorite local game shop, or a big convention across the country. You played a demo of DUST 1947 or just fell in love with one of the gorgeous minis of the game and decided it would be your next game. 

But where to start? Where to go next? Fret no more, this quick guide is here to tell you all about your now most favorite game ever!

Dust 1947? Dust Tactics? Why are the boxes looking different?

Dust as a universe was created 10 years ago. First published by FFG, the game was then called Dust Tactics. That name would last until 2016, year of the release of the Paolo Parente’s DUST 1947 rulebook and the 2016 card decks, meant to update all the miniatures released before that date to the new rules. Because in DUST, nothing is ever made obsolete and everything is always playable. You will still find some starter sets with the Dust Tactics name on them, but they should all have the new cards in them if sold by DUST USA or one of our retailers. The best way to know is to check the mention “DUST 1947” on the bottom left of the miniature picture in the card.


You can obtain these cards, three different ways:

  • purchase the Card decks for Axis, Allies, SSU/Mercs. These card decks update everything that has ever been released before July 2016 for DUST.

  • download the .Jpgs files in front of each product on our webstore. These files are free.

  • use our DUST 1947 Enlist app for iOS and Android. This app is free and acts as an army building tool and collection manager.

Buy all the things! A Method to the Madness.

To play DUST, you need:

  • Miniatures.

  • Mats with a grid.

  • Terrain.

  • Dice.

  • Profile cards and rules.

Note: SU010 also contains a sheet of cardboard tokens!

Note: SU010 also contains a sheet of cardboard tokens!

Great news for you! That’s exactly the content of each of our STARTER SETS! Not only you will have enough miniatures and 2-D and 3-D terrain to make a nice table, but all the starter sets are meant to be balanced with each other, regardless of the point value of the units. Even better, by pitting two starter sets together, you actually build a table that is the right size for any bigger game you will certainly play in the future, as each starter set contains the equivalent of half a table worth of mat and terrain.

We cannot emphasize enough how valuable the starter set is as it is also the best bang for your bucks with all the content they offer for the price.

Sometimes, the bundle offers an even better discount by adding a heavy vehicle or an aircraft to the mix!

Sometimes, the bundle offers an even better discount by adding a heavy vehicle or an aircraft to the mix!

The next natural step when you want to go beyond the frantic speed of starter set games, is to get an Army Box. Army boxes for each faction are built with three conditions:

  • No doubles from the corresponding starter set. It’s all about variety of gameplay.

  • Same platoon as the starter set. Because the platoons are always a fun army building option.

  • Offering best sellers and powerful gaming options in one box.

Another great value pack, the Army box offers 3 infantry units and a vehicle or aircraft with a significant discount making at least one of the units free in the box!


To complete your army, the next logical step is the HQ box. In each box, depending on your faction, you will have a sampling of heroes (between 1 and 5) and a Command Squad, allowing you to get in the more advanced parts of the rules, with Command actions and heroes that can join your squads and offer gameplay options never seen before.


Finally, our unit boxes are here to help you tailor your army to your very specific needs and fancies!

I have all the things, now what?

Now, it is time to grab your favorite opponent, and play MORE GAMES! 

In order to do that you need scenarios:

  • The starter boxes offer 5 scenarios.

  • The rulebook has 15 more. 

  • Each campaign book (Kondor or Hellgate) offer 4 more, linked together to recreate the story from the book.

  • Paradise Lost sports 12 more!

  • Sign up to our Online Campaign Newsletter for free scenarios mailed directly to you. Sign up HERE!

Still hesitating about your faction? Let us help you!